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    The Executive Board of CEA has three items for your consideration on the ballot this year. The ballot will close at 10:00pm CST on Saturday, December 18th. Active CEA members each may cast one vote.

    The three items on the ballot are the election of a President, Vice President, and Treasurer. Elections for these positions are decided by a simple majority of votes cast.

    CEA Members will receive the ballot in their inbox on 12/15.

    The slate of candidates for each position includes:


    Sheila Rodriguez

    I am honored to be nominated as a candidate for the position of President-Elect of the Chicago Evaluation Association. For the past 3 years I have been an active member of the CEA and for the past 10 years an active American Evaluation Association member.  For the past year I have had the honor of being the Vice President of CEA, which was a new role for the association. My passion lies in education, evaluation, and research. My thinking about evaluation has been expanded by the knowledge shared and by my interactions with established and emerging evaluators who are as passionate, if not even more, about the importance of evaluation work.

    I am currently a Senior Technical Assistance and Training Associate at Education Development Center (EDC) in Chicago, IL. I have extensive experience in evaluation, conducting research studies, project management and developing professional development for educators.  I started my career, over 13 years ago, as a research assistant for the American Institutes for Research (AIR)and worked my way through the research and evaluation career path. It was when I started at EDC, over 8 years ago, where I was introduced to evaluation and given the opportunity to do some evaluation work, specifically in out of school time.  This is where my love for evaluation began. I continue to grow in my understanding and experience in evaluation work and the importance of evaluation in education. For the last six years, I have been the statewide evaluator for a state education agency’s federally funded afterschool program and manage the data collection activities and relationship-building with the client and its grantees. In the last 3-4 years I have been involved in various evaluation projects, which focus on STEM education, Science education for girls of marginalized groups and 

    I have extensive experience providing coaching and building the capacity of state-, district- and school-level educators. I co-authored a continuous improvement toolkit designed to help school- and district-based practitioners in a continuous improvement effort and I provide extensive coaching to schools and districts in implementing the continuous improvement process. I am involved in EDC’s EDI Committee and facilitate trainings on implicit biases, all on a voluntary basis. I am fully bilingual in Spanish and English and I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Educational Studies from Brown University and a Master’s in Education in Educational Leadership from Argosy University-Schaumburg.  

    Vice President:

    Casey Solomon- Filer

    Casey Solomon-Filer (she/her) is an evaluator with BECOME Center for Community Engagement and Social Change, and also works as a consultant for national and international projects. Her passion for the field stems from the potential for evaluation to support the redistribution of power towards a more just world. She has a particular interest in culturally responsive evaluation, feminist evaluation, and systems change. Her evaluation experience includes programs on civic engagement, training, informal learning, community organizing, STEM, and conservation. Casey dabbled in evaluation for years before fully stepping into the profession in 2016. She has a Master of Arts in Program Evaluation from Michigan State University and another in Arab Studies with a concentration on Culture and Society from Georgetown University. 

    Casey has served as a programming committee co-chair with Chicagoland Evaluation Association (CEA) for three years. During her involvement she sought to open opportunities for more CEA voices to steer programming decisions while also showcasing the work and talents of more of our members. She is grateful for the opportunity she had to serve the organization and CEA community, and is currently running for the position of Vice President of CEA.

    Casey’s recent pastimes include hiking, visiting museums, staying up way too late doing very little, and trying to convince her soon-to-be two and five-year olds to find games they can play together that do not involve high-pitched screaming.


    Rebecca Teasdale

    I am an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago and have served as Treasurer of the Chicagoland Evaluation Association (CEA) for the past 2 years (2020-2021). As a researcher, I investigate and develop strategies evaluators use to define success for educational and social interventions and represent those definitions as evaluative criteria. I aim to help evaluators pursue multidimensional definitions of success, center the voices of program participants and community members, and advance equity and social justice in evaluation. My evaluation practice focuses on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in formal and informal contexts, and I teach graduate-level courses in evaluation and research methods. Previously, I served as a Senior Evaluation and Research Associate with Garibay Group, where I conducted culturally responsive and equity-focused evaluations of informal STEM education. I hold a PhD in educational psychology with specialization in evaluation methodology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As a CEA member since 2013, I have benefited greatly from my participation in CEA’s professional development, networking, and leadership opportunities. I hope to continue to support CEA’s growth and development by serving an additional 1-year term as Treasurer.

  • 12/14/2021 8:35 PM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    Position Summary:

    Urban Initiatives seeks a data- and technology-savvy, organized, detail-oriented, and effective-communicating critical thinker to fill this position on our Evaluation Team.

    The Data Manager is primarily responsible for administering UI’s databases, including those used for programming and fundraising, to ensure our data systems support effective and regular data usage to drive continuous quality improvement within program and fundraising efforts. They will oversee functionality, ensure system hygiene, and generate reports to be used by other staff to inform continuous quality improvement, goal achievement, and decision making. Current systems include Salesforce, integrated Salesforce apps, DonorPerfect, and Tableau for data dashboards. This position also requires a substantial amount of data entry into the above systems.

    Start Date is February 21, 2021. 

    Click here to learn more and apply!

  • 12/06/2021 12:41 PM | Anonymous

    Social Science Research Analyst

    Recent Graduate - Employees selected for this position are eligible for promotion up to the GS-12 grade level while in the Pathways Program and up to the GS-13 grade level after successful completion of the Program.

    ANNOUNCEMENT:  Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just posted a job for a social science research analyst. It is open now: Click here to learn more and apply!

    Students who graduated with a masters degree in a relevant field within 2 years of today are eligible to apply. In addition, students who will graduate this December may also be eligible.

    Because the job posting will close after a certain number of applicants, we encourage interested candidates to apply as soon as possible. Our postings do typically reach the applicant limit. In addition, candidates should be explicit on their resumes about how they meet the requirements listed in the position description. (In this context, it’s fine for resumes to exceed one page.)

    REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Office of Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (OIG).

    The Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General has been at the forefront of the nation's efforts to fight waste, fraud and abuse and to improving the efficiency of more than 100 U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) programs. Our vision is to drive positive change in HHS programs and in the lives of the people served by these programs.

    The Office of Inspector General (OIG) for HHS fights fraud, waste and abuse in HHS programs including Medicare, Medicaid, Healthcare Marketplaces, NIH, FDA, CDC and more. OIG HHS is the largest Federal inspector general's office, employing a nationwide network of auditors, investigators, attorneys, and evaluators to provide program recommendations to decision-makers, distribute educational resources to the industry and public, and investigate cases to root out fraud.

    Click here to learn more and apply!

    Agency contact information

    Candace McKoy

    Phone: 858-758-0634

    Email: Candace.Mckoy@oig.hhs.gov


    OIG Office of Evaluations and Inspections

    330 Independence Ave, SW

    Washington, DC 20201


  • 12/03/2021 9:12 AM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    Dear CEA Members,

    CEA will have a featured week for the AEA 365 blog in January. We are looking to feature the exciting and innovative evaluation work of CEA members that would be of interest to other evaluators across the nation. The topics can be related to CEA or your own evaluation work. 

    Posts (500 words or less) will be due by Wednesday, December 15th. If you are interested in writing a posting, please email Casey (cassandrafiler@gmail.com) with your idea. 

  • 12/03/2021 8:54 AM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    Manager, Program Evaluation

    Grant Funded: 5 Years

    REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Director, Adolescent Health Promotion

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the nation’s leading advocacy organization for children’s healthcare, has a newly created position that will manage the content, evaluation, and quality improvement (QI) initiatives for the AAP National Rural Adolescent and Child Health ECHO Training Center (NRACH ECHO Training Center), including the planning, implementation, and evaluation of project activities. The NRACH ECHO Training Center will support primary care providers in ensuring that children and adolescents in rural communities have access to quality pediatric mental, behavioral, and adolescent health services. As part of the Pediatric Population Health team at our Chicago suburb headquarters in Itasca, IL, this role will work remotely until at least January 18, 2022, with most likely a hybrid re-entry plan. 

    Click here to learn more and apply!

    Program Manager, ECHO Evaluation (Grant Funded)

    REPORTING RELATIONSHIP: Director, Telehealth and ECHO Initiatives (Grant Funded)

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), the nation’s leading advocacy organization for children’s healthcare, has a newly created position to manage program content, evaluation, and quality improvement (QI) initiatives for our ECHO (Extension for Community Health Outcomes) programs and training activities. As part of the Pediatric Population Health team at our Chicago suburb headquarters in Itasca, IL, this role will work remotely until at least January 18, 2022, with most likely a hybrid re-entry plan. 

    Click here to learn more and apply!

  • 11/30/2021 3:40 PM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    Sinai Urban Health Institute (SUHI) is seeking a Program Manager of Evaluation to work under the direction of the Director/Associate Director of the Evaluation Technical Assistance strategy. The Program Manager will contribute to all aspects of developing, implementing, and leading program evaluation activities in one or more SUHI strategy areas, including: serving as lead evaluator for projects, conducting descriptive analyses (quantitative and qualitative); assisting with research dissemination activities (i.e. creating data briefs, reports, publications, and presentations); assisting with writing grant proposals and funder reports; and supervising support staff as needed.

    Learn more and apply here: https://pm.healthcaresource.com/cs/sinai#/job/7078

  • 11/30/2021 9:31 AM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    If you are thinking about starting or further developing an independent consulting practice, consider registering for the Introduction to Independent Consulting Workshops with Matt Feldmann. Matt has presented several abbreviated versions of this workshop to CEA as part of our speaker exchanges. Participants will work independently and in small groups to create a business plan that will form the basis for an independent consulting practice. Matt leads the weekly Independent Consulting Chats, is the president of the St. Louis evaluation affiliate, a member of CEA, and co-edited the New Directions for Evaluation special edition on independent consulting.

    You can learn more at this registration link: https://gosheneducationcenter.regfox.com/introduction-to-independent-consulting-workshops

    You can get a $50 discount on the session if you use the discount code! Email Brad@bkruegerconsulting.com for the discount code. 

    WHAT: A 4 part, 8 hour workshop on independent consulting. Each week the participants will work on a section of a personal business plan that will be a guide on how to initiate or further develop their consulting practice.

    WHEN: They are scheduled for January 18, 20, 25, and 27. Each meeting will be 2 hours and will start at 3 p.m. EST.

    LEARNING OUTCOMES: Participants will learn about…

    1. Consultant attributes
    2. Responses to the survey of independent consultants with focus on new independent consultants
    3. How to identify a niche (i.e., a target market)
    4. Marketing to an evaluation audience
    5. Strategies for identifying evaluation costs
    6. Key business startup elements
    7. Tracking time
    8. Branding

    COME PREPARED: The sessions will be moderated. Participants are expected to do the pre-session work, come prepared, and engage with the other participants. There will be about 1 hour of pre-session work before each workshop session.

  • 11/08/2021 3:26 PM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    Planning, Implementation & Evaluation Org (PIE) is a Chicago-based, national provider of evaluation, capacity building, and strategic planning services. Our mission is to build the capacity of our clients to evaluate impact, promote learning, and facilitate equitable change. We are a growing, dynamic organization, and looking for personnel who can support our growth in a fast-paced environment.

    Evaluation Coach

    Associate Director of Evaluation

    Learn more about PIE

  • 09/14/2021 8:18 PM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

    Equity Data Strategist at CPS

    This position will be responsible for collecting, producing, and disaggregating quantitative and qualitative data sets based on social indicators such as race, class, and gender. The EDS is responsible for the overall management of data staff and data systems, will serve as the internal lead on accessing key CPS data systems, and will be responsible for managing on-demand data requests to answer key questions about the Office of Equity initiatives, strategic priorities and progress, and operations.

    Apply here: https://cpsk12il.taleo.net/careersection/3/jobdetail.ftl?job=2100022V&lang=en 

  • 08/09/2021 11:00 AM | Anonymous

    Join the Coalition on Urban Girls Thursday, August 19th at 12 PM, for the release of our report, "The Impact of COVID-19 on Chicagoland Girl-Serving Organizations." 

    Come and explore our target questions and more!

    • What is the impact of gender-based funding inequities during and post a pandemic?
    • Nearly 70% of girl-serving organizations in Chicago are led by Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC). How are gender-based inequities further exacerbated when intersected with race?
    • What obstacles and challenges do organizations face in a post-pandemic era?

    Date and time

    Thu, August 19, 2021

    12:00 PM – 1:15 PM CDT


    Online event

    General Admission


    REGISTER: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-impact-of-covid-19-on-chicagoland-girl-serving-organizations-tickets-165853848325

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