Executive Committee


Asma Ali, PhD
Founder and Principal Consultant, 
AA & Associates, LLC

Dr. Ali’s work includes developing and implementing strategic evaluation plans to support evidence-based decision-making that advances organization and program goals. Employing qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods approaches, she specializes in culturally responsive, participatory, and utilization-focused measurement of learning, behavioral, and systems change. An AEA Graduate Education Diversity Initiative Alumna (2008-9), she has also served on AEA's Culturally Responsive Evaluation Committee, is a founder and co-Chair of the Health Professions Topical Interest Group, and served as Program Chair for the LaRed Topical Interest Group. She is a frequent invited speaker at national conferences on evaluation and measurement topics. Dr. Ali has also served as an adjunct professor teaching evaluation, design-based inquiry, and research methods courses.

Vice President

Sheila Rodriguez

Senior Technical Assistance and Training Associate, EDC


Sheila is currently the Senior Technical Assistance and Training Associate at Education Development Center (EDC) in Chicago, IL. She has extensive experience in evaluation and education research. She started her career, over 12 years ago, as a researcher and was given the opportunity to do some evaluation work, specifically in the afterschool realm and she fell in love with evaluation and has not looked back ever since. She continues to grow in her understanding and experience in evaluation work and the importance of evaluation in education. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education Studies from Brown University and a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership from Argosy University–Schaumburg. She is fluent in English and Spanish.


Rebecca Teasdale, PhD

Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago

Dr. Teasdale is an Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology at the University of Illinois at Chicago. As an evaluation methodologist, she examines the valuing process in evaluation: the activities of defining program success, specifying evaluative criteria, and applying criteria to reach conclusions. This work builds an empirically supported, descriptive theory of valuing and develops methods for bringing participants’ and community members’ definitions of success into the valuing process. Her evaluation practice focuses on STEM education programs in libraries, museums, afterschool programs, and formal educational settings, particularly programs that aim to foster equity in STEM learning. She teaches graduate-level courses in evaluation and research methods.


Linda Galib

Research and Evaluation Director, Urban Initiatives

Linda (she/her) currently serves as Research and Evaluation Director at Urban Initiatives, a nonprofit organization that implements youth development programs in Chicago Public Schools. She is also a full-time student pursuing a PhD in Research Methodology at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education. She strives to keep equitable evaluation practices at the center of her work, and is interested in developing strategies for making participation in evaluation as fun, equitable, and inclusive as possible for youth. Linda previously served as a Senior Analyst for the Government Accountability Office, where she evaluated federal health care programs and policies. She has master’s degrees in public health and public policy from the University of Michigan. In her spare time, she loves experimenting with new sourdough recipes, running, and anything involving the outdoors.

Committee Leadership

Professional Development and Events 

Cassandra (Casey) Filer, MA
Independent Consultant

As an independent consultant, Casey works on local, national, and international program evaluations. Her experience is mostly centered around youth programs, particularly evaluations of informal learning, STEM, conservation, civic engagement, and vocational training programs. She has a Master’s degree in Program Evaluation from Michigan State University and another in Arab Studies, with a concentration on Culture and Society, from Georgetown University. Casey has lived in Senegal, Gabon, France, and Yemen, but is delighted to currently reside in the Chicago area. Her hobbies include hiking, scuba diving, and trying to convince her toddler to do stuff, like put on pants.

Communications and Website (Co-chair)

Ayeshia (AJ) Johnson-Garrett

Program Partnerships Specialist

UMOJA Student Development Corporation


Ayeshia is passionately curious about the intersections of historical trauma, community-based action, and healing intergenerational trauma. Growing in her capacity for community-based research and participatory budgeting she strengthens her practitioner network by way of participation in the Chicago Coalition on Urban Girls (CUG). From 2016 to present, Ayeshia help launch CUG Conference Forums that focus on strategic recommendations to shift the social norms for gender equality and improve the health, safety, and wellness of ALL girls who reside in Chicago. On October 11, 2018 – the International Day of the Girl, CUG released “Girls in the City: A Status Report on Teen Girls Residing in Chicago.”  From 2017-2019 the governing body appointed Ayeshia to serves as the Chair of the Steering Committee, and she continues to advocate for data and social connectivity of all girls that closely relate to a community needs to improve the quality of life for everyone. She is a visionary and builder of relationships, Ayeshia believes in the excellence, elevation, and compassion for all people.

Communications and Website (Co-chair)

Brad Krueger 

Evaluation Consultant, Krueger Consulting


Brad is a passionate, equity-focused, relationship-centric evaluator. He thrives on building systems to collect, review, and present data. He humbly embraces opportunities leverage data to support the mission and impact of organizations he is privileged to support. He received his Masters of Public Health from Des Moines University in 2017 after completing his Bachelor of Science in Biology from Bethel University. Since, he has worked as an evaluation consultant with a small firm in Minneapolis and now independently from Chicago. 

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