Training Opportunity - Getting Started with Consulting: An Introduction to Independent Consulting Workshop Series

11/30/2021 9:31 AM | Brad Krueger (Administrator)

If you are thinking about starting or further developing an independent consulting practice, consider registering for the Introduction to Independent Consulting Workshops with Matt Feldmann. Matt has presented several abbreviated versions of this workshop to CEA as part of our speaker exchanges. Participants will work independently and in small groups to create a business plan that will form the basis for an independent consulting practice. Matt leads the weekly Independent Consulting Chats, is the president of the St. Louis evaluation affiliate, a member of CEA, and co-edited the New Directions for Evaluation special edition on independent consulting.

You can learn more at this registration link:

You can get a $50 discount on the session if you use the discount code! Email for the discount code. 

WHAT: A 4 part, 8 hour workshop on independent consulting. Each week the participants will work on a section of a personal business plan that will be a guide on how to initiate or further develop their consulting practice.

WHEN: They are scheduled for January 18, 20, 25, and 27. Each meeting will be 2 hours and will start at 3 p.m. EST.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Participants will learn about…

  1. Consultant attributes
  2. Responses to the survey of independent consultants with focus on new independent consultants
  3. How to identify a niche (i.e., a target market)
  4. Marketing to an evaluation audience
  5. Strategies for identifying evaluation costs
  6. Key business startup elements
  7. Tracking time
  8. Branding

COME PREPARED: The sessions will be moderated. Participants are expected to do the pre-session work, come prepared, and engage with the other participants. There will be about 1 hour of pre-session work before each workshop session.

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