The purposes of the CEA as defined by Article II, Section 1:

(a) Promote scientific and educational purposes, in connection with the science and practice of evaluation in both the public and private sectors of society; and
(b) Provide a forum for professional evaluators in the Chicago area to network, exchange ideas and knowledge, and participate in professional development activities that promote excellence in the field of evaluation.

The bylaws also cover Membership, Structural Governance/Officers, Elections, Fiscal Management, and Amendments.

Download the entire CEA Bylaws by clicking here. Anyone can download the CEA bylaws.

After joining the CEA as a member you can run for office, nominate candidates, propose amendments, and more.

Officer descriptions (from Article VI, Sections 3-5 of the Bylaws)

President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and shall preside at all business meetings, and have general responsibility for the conduct of the affairs of the Association. The President will also serve as liaison for all business related to the American Evaluation Association and represents the affiliate to the public. The President is responsible for securing meeting space for the annualmeeting. S/he appoints committee chairs and serves as ex-officio member of all committees. S/he is also responsible for any special operations (“other duties as assigned by the membership”)

Treasurer. The Treasurer shall hold the Association's funds, collect the annual dues from the members, provid e an annual financial report, balance the books, receive all monies for the affiliate, develop protocols for the collection of any dues or fees, consult with the Executive Committee and prepare the yearly budget for consideration, and train the incoming treasurer.

Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the master calendar for the organization, keep the membership list, take minutes at the annual meeting and distribute them to the membership, maintain key association documents, verify voting ballots, verify the security of ballots and website for voting, handle correspondence for the association.