Post-#Evaluation2016 Recap - Thurs, Nov 10

posted Aug 22, 2016, 2:38 PM by Anthony Heard   [ updated Nov 16, 2017, 12:16 PM ]
We're proud to showcase the work of our local Chicagoland evaluation professionals who had the opportunity to present at the American Evaluation Association's 2016 conference, Evaluation 2016 for all the evaluation pros and students who couldn't make it to Atlanta this year, or just missed these excellent presentations somehow. (It's a big conference. It can happen.)
  1. Presenting and haven't heard from us? PLEASE LET US KNOW via email at We want to invite you. Some presenters have already signed on, and you weren't missed on purpose
  2. Want to come? Click here to register.
We'll be meeting at Trattoria 225 in Oak Park so our suburban friends aren't left out, but it's at a location easily accessible wherever in Cook County you're coming from. Light appetizers will be provided, and in the spirit of the conference entrance is free to both paid CEA paid members and those AEA members who are not yet CEA members. If you're neither and don't plan on joining, please be sure to pick the non member ticket.