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Communication Guidelines

What's needed for any communication blast to CEA membership/mailing list.

Social media only: <280 characters + link + desired hashtags
Email only: Just send to; auto creates a mailchimp campaign that just has to be sent. Advise if should NOT go to social media also, because will send by default.
Events: As much of the following info from the EventBrite event entry is helpful, but the items with an asterisk (*) are required, even if it's general (i.e., Date/Time could be March exact date TBD, for example)
  • Event Title* (Long+Short title extra helpful, for Twitter, etc.)
  • Location*
  • Date/Time*
  • Event Description:
    • Single Descriptive Paragraph*
    • Single Bio Paragraph
  • Any images to go along with, or a preferred image theme
  • Ticket price if paid for non-members
  • How far in advance should this go out?