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Candidates - 2017

Candidate for President - Asma M. Ali

My name is Asma M. Ali. I am seeking re-election as President of CEA for 2018-2020. This has been a year of re-structuring at CEA to better serve the needs of evaluators and organizations in the Chicagoland Area. I am very excited about our executive committee and incoming committee leadership—with academic, nonprofit, and social service representation-- the new programming we have been developing for the coming year. The next two years will be an exciting time for our affiliate with many opportunities for member engagement locally and nationally.

In November, outgoing AEA president Kathy Newcomer focused on the importance of local affiliates in AEA membership during the 1st Local Affiliate Pre-Conference Meeting at AEA. During her talk, she affirmed the vital role of affiliates in (1) creating community for local evaluators and (2) providing a ”bridge” to important initiatives happening at AEA and in the evaluation profession. As president of CEA, I will work to engage membership and provide multiple opportunities to advance both of these charges in our local affiliate. We have tremendous evaluation resources and great people in our local affiliate; I have been working with the LAC members, our CEA EC, and CEA Committee Chairs to further support and develop our local membership in the coming year.

To this end, our growing list of planned 2018 activities include a professional development webinar conversation with David Fetterman, Jazzin’ at the Shedd with Robin Miller, AEA Updates and News, Local Affiliate Collaborative Workshops, Speed Mentorship, and much more! We also will look the organization’s structure and resources, in order to ensure that CEA is prepared to meet future programming needs. I also have spent this Fall establishing CEAs connections to other evaluators, students, and institutions in the community. We have a great program and activity schedule lined up for 2018, and are also exploring possibilities for more exciting programming in the future.

Please consider re-electing me as CEA President for 2018-2020. Together, we can advance our charge to be the local evaluation “home” for our broad and diverse Chicagoland evaluation community.

Candidate for Treasurer - Kevin Pinkston

I am pleased to present my candidacy for the position of Treasurer of the Chicago[land] Evaluation Association (CEA). I have a longstanding history of service as an evaluator in the fields of youth mentoring and higher education and I would like to expand my service to the CEA executive board. I currently serve as the Director of Enrollment Analytics at the University of Illinois, Chicago where I analyze recruitment and retention policy. Prior to joining Enrollment, I served as Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Institute of Health Research and Policy. There, I reviewed youth mentoring programs for the National Mentoring Resource Center (NMRC), an effort funded by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP). I also conduct numerous workshops on youth mentoring and racial attitudes with local and regional organizations. Most recently, I was a panelist for the Society for the Study of Social Problems in a discussion about getting a job outside of academia. The examples above describe my passion to conduct and promote rigorous evaluations that improve policy in the city of Chicago. It is also my passion to build social capital by facilitating a supportive team culture. As CEA Treasurer, I will be dedicated to advancing the organization’s mission to connect evaluators across the region.