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Standing Committees

CEA has three standing committees: Professional DevelopmentSocial Media/Website, and Strategic Planning.  Each committee has one chair or two co-chairs and one member of the Executive Committee, and no stated limit on the number of additional members.  Chairs can appoint new members of committees with EC approval. 

Professional Development (Join)

This committee organizes multiple professional development events for CEA each year.  In the past they have polled the membership to provide the types of events that members are looking for.  The PD committee has hosted special expert guest lectures (e.g., Jennifer Greene, Bob Stake, Thomas Cook, Michael Quinn Patton, Mel Mark) roundtable discussions (topics such as innovative ways to present data to clients, challenges in qualitative methods), membership poster presentation sessions, and American Journal of Evaluation club meetings.

If you want to present your work, or have recommendations for upcoming presentations please contact us!

Current Chair: Teandra Delancy
Executive Committee Member: Asma Ali
Other Members:  Kathy Kiser, Linda Wilson, Chelsey Leruth


Social Media/Website (Join)

This committee is responsible for all of the CEA's social media presences, communication about upcoming events, management of the mailing list, and development and maintenance of the CEA's website.

Current Chair: Anthony M. Heard
Executive Committee Member: Michael Desmond


Conference Steering Committee (Join)

This is a new committee starting in 2016 that will plan and implement a local evaluation conference with our Professional Development Committee.
Chair: Position open
Executive Committee Member: Asma Ali

Executive Committee

The CEA Executive Committee (EC) consists of:

President: Asma M. Ali, Ph.D.
Treasurer: Chelsey Leruth, MPH
Secretary: Michael Desmond

These positions are elected for 2 years of service. For more information about what each position entails, please review the Descriptions on our Governance page and/or the Bylaws (also on the Governance page). If you are interesting in joining the Executive Committee, please contact one of the current members.

The next election cycle will be this November/December 2016 for the position of Secretary. Members can Run for Office or Nominate a Candidate

Elections Committee

Per CEA bylaws, a three-person CEA Elections Committee is established is formed at the Annual Business Meeting and is tasked with a) recruiting and reviewing nominations and b) oversight and implementation of the election process. Nominations are accepted via a Nomination form emailed to connect@evalchicago.org. If you are interested in becoming an officer or have any questions, please let us know.

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